Bob's Brackets Bespoke Handmade Brackets. Made to Last a Lifetime.
  • 1.5" Wide Heavy Duty Garage / Storage / Ladder Bracket


    These steel shelf brackets are made from 40mm x 6mm steel and as such are incredibly strong. The price is per bracket not per pair.

    The brackets have countersunk 5mm holes on the vertical length together with a diagonal gusset for increased strength. The gusset is offset making it easier to screw to the wall than many shop bought brackets. These brackets also have a 1" high lip at the end which can be used to contain a plank or as a hook.

    As these are asymmetric, when ordered in multiples we will always make them as a pair (i.e. if you order two, you will get one right handed and one left handed). Please let us know if you would like something different.

    All brackets are made to order and so we hope to have them ready to ship within approximately 4 days. Standard delivery takes 3-5 working days which means you should receive your brackets approximately one week after you order them.

    As these brackets are handmade, some variation is inevitable. The length given is the internal measurement of the bracket and so external length will be 6mm longer than the length stated due to the thickness of the steel.

    Brackets are supplied in their raw unpainted form; they can be left in this state, can be painted with Hammerite or could be lacquered. Some coating is essential if they are to be used externally or in damp conditions.

    We are happy to vary these brackets as required, please contact us.